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While the primary mission of the auditorium is to meet the many needs of the School Town of Munster, a secondary mission of The Munster Auditorium is to make it available for appropriate Community or Commercial Client events as our schedule permits. 

Facility Rental costs vary with several factors as defined by :

     Commercial or not-for-profit status
     Munster residency (business or individual)
     Length and type of use
     If Admission is charged

Facility Performance rental fees are:
(Please note the below rates are are for events quoted after August 2005)

     Non-resident organizations    $200/hour (3 hour minimum)
     Commercial Resident            $150/hour (3 hour minimum)    
     Not-for Profit Resident          $100/hour (3 hour minimum)

The facility rental does not include personnel costs.

Technical Rehearsals are usually charged at half the hourly performance rate per day.

All Non-Resident rentals must be approved by the School Board.

Weekly rates are available on a per case basis.

In addition to the basic rental fees, the auditorium is fully staffed with a full-time Auditorium Director, Box-office Manager, and a trained student-based Auditorium Staff, who provide technical, production, and front-of-house support for events.  The Auditorium Director, staff, and custodial support is an additional fee above the basic facility rental.  This staff estimate usually is quoted in advance. 

Clients may not staff or use the auditorium without the Auditorium Director or Auditorium Staff.

All specialized equipment including not not limited to: stage lighting, audio, rigging, curtains, tables, risers and so forth shall be exclusively operated by the Auditorium Staff as a condition of rental without exception.

Generally any organization using the auditorium must obtain or already be covered by at least $500,000 Public Liability Insurance policy, and must provide a Certificate of Public Liability Insurance to the School Town of Munster as proof of this coverage.

If your organization is interested in using the auditorium, please contact the Auditorium Director for details on rental or availability at:
 (219) 836-3200 x3248 or at  

All users must agree to the terms found on the following documents

Download printable copies of:       

STM Building Use Permit  / Rules for Building Use
(WORD 97/2003 format)
(Legal size 8 1/2 x 14)

  MunAud Terms of Agreement 
(WORD 97/2003 format)
(Legal size 8 1/2 x 14)


School Town of Munster - Munster Auditorium
Terms of Agreement

(1) The School Town of Munster (The School) agrees to reserve the Munster Auditorium and related spaces for the Lessee for the event, day, date, and time listed here or in the Estimate of Fees Quotation. The Contract will become effective only when signed by both The School and The Lessee and upon receipt of the Down Payment, if required, and approval of a completed Permit for Use of School Property within the time specified.  Failure to return a signed Contract, Permit and Down payment within the time specified will result in cancellation of the reservation. A Confirmed Reservation is not guaranteed unless a Contract, Down Payment, Permit for Use of School Property and any other requirements have been met, received and approved at The School's business office, and is considered only a Tentative Reservation. The School is not responsible for scheduling conflicts or availability regarding Tentative Reservations.

 (2) The Estimate of Fees Quotation is part of this Contract, and represents a good faith estimate made by The School, based on the projected rental time and staff requirements at the time of Contract signing.  Unless otherwise specified, the actual time and staffing used will determine the final invoice amount, based on current hourly rental and staff rates.  The Lessee agrees to pay The School for the ACTUAL time/staff used and The School reserves the right to determine minimum staffing needs for the theater and support areas including the number of Security personnel required for the event. 

(3) Lessee agrees to comply with all rules, regulations, and policies of The School in force with reference to the use of its property as expressed on the Permit for Use of School Property. The School's administration and staff has the final authority in determination of issues of safety and compliance with its policies.  Lessee agrees that a failure to do so may result in cancellation of this Contract at any time with no refund of deposit, and charge for original Estimate of Fees. 

(4) Lessee accepts full responsibility for any and all damage to School property arising from use of the property by Lessee, their guests, or any other person connected with the event. The Lessee also agrees to indemnify, save and hold harmless, The School Town of Munster, their assigns, directors, administrators, employees, agents, students and volunteers against any and all liability arising from use and occupancy of the building and grounds herein by Lessee.  The School may require the Lessee to show or obtain public liability insurance for the event according to current policy.  

(5) The Lessee may use the Auditorium Box Office system for all ticketed events in the theater.  Access to and the actual operation of this system however remains under The School's control, subject to current policy as established by the Auditorium Director and Box Office Manager. Permission is granted to use the Auditorium logo with all such events scheduled in the auditorium, including the Box Office telephone number on events using the Auditorium Box Office system. Tickets not sold through The School's Auditorium Box Office must observe current policies including maximum sales limit (1046 seats per performance), handicap seating, house seating and other requirements as established by the Auditorium Director.  Under no circumstances whatsoever will "standing-room-only" admissions be allowed in the auditorium. 

(6) As a condition of rental, the Lessee agrees to reserve twenty (20) House Seats for use "at will" at all performances with no cost to The School.  House seats include: Section C, Row H 102, 104, 106, 108; Section A & D, Rows X & Y 1-8 and may not be under any circumstances used or sold unless released by The School.

(7) The Lessee agrees to give correct and proper billing to The School in all  announcements, advertisements, flyers, posters, newspaper, broadcast, cable TV, or any public media release.  The proper full name is as follows: Munster Auditorium or Munster High School Auditorium.  In articles or other descriptive material, after the complete name has appeared at least once, the Lessee may use "The Auditorium" or "MHS Auditorium" as an appropriate substitute for the complete name. The School gives permission to the use of the "Auditorium Logo" in all printed posters, flyers, etc.  The Lessee will NOT under any circumstances use any variation of the name, and understands that use of the name or logo is not an endorsement of the event by The School or does it grant permission to represent The School in any manner whatsoever. 

(8) It is the sole responsibility of the Lessee to obtain any and all copyright clearances for the use of such material during the event from the appropriate source(s).  Also, the Lessee agrees to obtain any licenses, permits, or authorizations, necessary for the event prior to its scheduled date, which includes any agreements or contracts necessary with the appropriate union(s).  The School assumes no responsibility for the failure of the Lessee to obtain such clearances. 

(9) The School reserves the right at ALL events to promote upcoming events by use of, but not limited to, flyers, posters, hand-outs, pre and post show announcements, intermission announcements, etc., directed at the event audience, including any audience or customer surveys. 

(10) Due to the multipurpose nature of the High School building, the Lessee understands that no exclusive use of the entire building is included in this agreement, and The School may hold other events in portions of the building.  The Lessee further understands that access to certain areas of the building not directly involved with the auditorium, may be limited or restricted in order to accommodate other activities in the building. While portions of the Lessee's event may be hosted in the public areas of the building (entrance, auditorium lobby, etc.), use of these common spaces must always allow public access to the building by the general public or other guests of The School. 

(11) The School will provide access to its parking area free of charge. The Lessee and their guests agree to follow all posted parking restrictions (handi-cap, fire lanes, marked parking stalls, loading docks), and understand that individual vehicles found in violation may be ticketed and removed by The School's administration at the owner's or Lessee's expense. The Lessee understands that The School may, if necessary, direct patrons to nearby overflow parking areas according to current policy and arrangements, and does not reserve or guarantee parking exclusively for any single event. 

 (12) The Lessee agrees to make every reasonable effort to start the event precisely at the advertised time, and understands the use of the following terms used in the Contract or on Estimate of Fees Quotation or other form used by The School: 

ACCESS TIME - access to the theater area for, but not limited to, set-up/load-in or take-down/load out. 

REHEARSAL -   a non-performance use of theater in preparation for and event. 

TECHNICAL REHEARSAL - a rehearsal requiring all the personnel necessary for a performance (except house and box office). 

HOUSE OPEN - the time when the theater itself is opened to seat patrons, usually 1/2 hour prior to ShowTime. 

SHOWTIME - the scheduled, advertised and intended starting time of the performance. 

PERFORMANCE TIME - the time from House Opening until the audience is clear of the auditorium (usually 3-hr min). 

(13) The Lessee is responsible for providing in a timely fashion The School with all information regarding requirements for the event. This may include but is not limited to, technical and staffing requirements. If the rental of any specialized equipment or service from a third party vendor is required by the Lessee, and is performed by The School, the costs involved in providing and obtaining said equipment or service will be added to the final invoice.  The Lessee agrees to limit the liability of The School in the performance of any third party rentals to ONLY the cost of the equipment or service itself.  The Lessee may make direct arrangements for such specialized equipment or services, however The Lessee is solely responsible for any improper operation, whether or not operated or set-up by staff of The School. 

(16) The Lessee agrees that all food, beverage, and concession services will be operated by and for the benefit of the student Auditorium Staff and no food or beverages may be brought into The School for resale. The School reserves the right to staff Coat Check, Food/Beverage or Merchandise Concessions areas.  The Lessee also agrees The School auditorium is entitled to a "house percentage" of any merchandise concession sales as set in current policy and agreed to by the Lessee. 

(15) The Lessee understands that the primary mission of the auditorium is to support the educational mission of The School. In accordance with this policy, The Lessee understands that all specialized equipment associated with the auditorium (including but not limited to lighting, sound, rigging and curtain system) shall be exclusively operated the Auditorium Staff students and School Town employees under the direction of the Auditorium Director.

(16) The Lessee will hold The School harmless for utility failures, severe weather, labor disputes, civil emergency situations, police, fire, or medical emergencies or "acts of God", which may directly or indirectly impact the event and are beyond the control of The School. 

(17) Addenda may be made to this Contract when agreed to in writing by both parties and as such become a permanent part of the contract.

Download printable copies of:       

STM Building Use Permit  / Rules for Building Use
(WORD 97/2003 format)
(Legal size 8 1/2 x 14)

  MunAud Terms of Agreement 
(WORD 97/2003 format)
(Legal size 8 1/2 x 14)


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For information contact the Auditorium Director
Larry A Brechner
8808 Columbia Av - Munster, IN 46321   
(219) 836-3200 x3248   

  Box Office on show nights  (219) 838-3255


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