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Original Fine Art Photography
Dr Larry A Brechner   

Creative Photography is more than making a simple visual recording,
it involves the innovative artistry and vision of a photographer,      
who manipulates the given visual elements in order to both preserve
and represent the subject while creating New Perspectives.
Larry A Brechner

Welcome to New Perspectives
featuring the work of Northwest Indiana based photographic artist Larry A Brechner. Included in his body of work in an eclectic range of subjects  including: 
life, scenic, landscape, cityscapes, nautical, lighthouses, flora & fauna, theater, and people.

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Comment on Web Image Quality
Image quality presented on this site or any web site represents a compromise between the best possible image quality and size of the image file (which directly effects download time). Images on the New Perspectives site are presented in JPEG format, which saves images as a compressed file, then restores images by decompressing the file using an interpolation method.  High Quality Photographic images as a result are reproduced in less than optimum quality.  New Perspectives uses 400 x 600 pixel-100dpi at 80-85% compression ratio for most images to achieve a fairly high quality and maintain reasonable download times. Please be assured the actual photographic prints are of the highest photographic quality.  Some low-resolution legacy images do remain in some of the galleries or exhibits from my pre-digital film work until the original negatives can be rescanned.

Please enjoy browsing through the New Perspectives web site as often as you like. 
However, be reminded that all images on the New Perspectives website and the site itself are fully protected under copyright law. The copy, reproduction and distribution of any images for any use other than web browsing is strictly prohibited, and infringes on the artistic and intellectual property rights of the photographic artist. Thank-You.

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