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(These MTC Cast Albums are available only to Cast, production staff,
and their immediate families for personal use only, and
may not by sold, resold, or or otherwise distributed in any manner)

 Munster Theatre Company Original Cast Album
Available for copy on CD
(Due to space, the CD Version does not have: Rapunzel, Rapunzel Reprise, A Very Nice Prince Reprise, and Bows)
for mp3 format - click below:

Prologue: Into The Woods
Cinderella At The Grave
Hello, Little Girl
I Guess This Is Goodbye / Maybe They're Magic
Baker's Reprise
I Know Things Now
A Very Nice Prince / First Midnight / Giants In The Sky
A Very Nice Prince-Reprise
Rapunzel Reprise
It Takes Two
Second Midnight
Stay With Me
On The Steps Of The Palace
Finale Act I - Pt 1
Finale Act I - Pt2 - Ever After

Act II Prologue: So Happy
Into The Woods-Reprise
Agony Reprise
Any Moment / Moments In The Woods
Your Fault / Last Midnight
No More
No One is Alone
Finale: People Will Listen
Bows: Into The Woods